AFK mode

AFK mode will monitor new tokens and coins, as well as monitoring and buying with your set parameters when the instant pools are live.

To disable specific parameters enter: "0" for the following:

  • Min % held by raydium

  • Max % held by raydium

  • Min Liquidity

  • Max Liquidity

  • Lp burn %

  • Lp burn after (min)

  1. From the Action drop-down, select "AFK"

  • When starting, it will create a terminal for each active task. You can monitor for different positions and force sell with the hotkeys when on the terminal.


  1. Mint auth disabled:

ā€¢ We suggest having Mint auth disabled as "Yes" preventing you from picking up pools that can add more tokens.

  1. LP burn % and LP burn after (min):

ā€¢ The LP burn after (min) represents the time elapsed, NOT the LP burn percentage after 1 minute.

ā€¢ For example, if you enter 10 for LP burn after (min), it will wait 10 minutes to see if the LP is burned from what you entered in the LP burn % parameter.

  1. Freeze auth Disabled: ā€¢ This will check if freeze auth is disabled. We suggest you have it as "Yes"

  1. Min% by Raydium ā€¢ This represents the minimum % of tokens currently held by Raydium

  1. Max% by Raydium ā€¢ This represents the minimum % of tokens currently held by Raydium

  1. Min and Max Liquidity: ā€¢ The minimum and maximum liquidity with which the pool opens. (enter in SOL)

  1. Use Wsol: ā€¢ Selecting Yes allows you to buy using WrappedSOL, allowing for a much faster transaction. YOU MUST HAVE Wsol in your wallet already. Click here for WSOL guide.

  • For the number of buy txs, this will send the number of transactions for you.

  • It's recommended to increase the tx buy/sell number if you're stuck on pending and waiting for confirmation.

  1. Auto-sell:

  • With auto-sell, the moment it hits your take profit % (TP) or Stop Loss % (SL), it will automatically sell your assets.

  • You can also set a timeout (ms) if it doesn't hit your stop loss or take profit. (1000ms = 1 second) (for TP & SL enter the NUMBER ONLY, 10 = 10%)

  1. Buy & Sell Slippage:

ā€¢ Enter your desired slippage % as a NUMBER ONLY, 10 = 10%.

ā€¢ Please check #successful-setups channel in the Discord for updated recommendations

  1. Price Update Delay (ms)

ā€¢ Enter a number, 1000 should be fine for most cases

ā€¢ Experiment with different numbers if you wish

  1. Buy/sell GasUnit Price: ā€¢ You can specify your buy and sell priority fees. ā€¢ However, if you leave either of them blank, it will use the gas multiplier to get you through the network if congested ā€¢ Be aware that though max fees will get you through, it will consume a lot of fees

  1. Allow timestamp release: ā€¢ Specify if you wish to go for stealth releases or timestamp releases

  1. Auto-Restart: ā€¢ After the sell is successful, specify if you would like the task to automatically restart on its own.

  1. Market Cap In USD (Maximum)

ā€¢ This refers to the maximum market cap amount in USD needed for the bot to exit a trade. Example: 100 ($100k) market cap, if it equals or exceeds this. Origin will trigger the sell tx.

  1. Retry Mechanism:

  • Retry transaction check amount: Specifies the number of retries for transaction status checks.

  • Retry delay after failed buy/sell (ms): Specifies the delay between retries.

  • Unique TX: if YES the bot will attempt to send an entirely NEW tx upon the retry, this may result in increase gas fees upon retries, but it could also get you through congestion faster.

  • Use at your own risk āš ļø

  1. Liquidity Parameters:

  • Minimum Liquidity in SOL: Sets the minimum initial liquidity required for the pool.

  • Maximum Liquidity in SOL: Sets the maximum initial liquidity required for the pool.

  1. Top 10 Holders Parameters:

  • Min Top 10 Holders Count: enter a number to use as a percentage (this indicates the minimum amount of a token that needs to be held by the top 10 holders)

  • Max Top 10 Holders Count: enter a number to use as a percentage (this indicates the maximum amount of a token that needs to be held by the top 10 holders)

  1. JITO Usage:

  • Should JITO usage be enabled? (You need a JITO-verified address)

  • JITO buy/sell usage (e.g., 0.001): Enter the desired tip amount in SOL.

  • We recommend using JITO if you can, it will result in faster transaction speeds

  1. Location:

  • Select your VPS & node location from the drop-down list

  • This will improve your connection to the blockchain & tx sending speeds

  • You should always attempt to use a Node & VPS in the same location for optimal results

  • Example: NY = New York server location

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