Sol Sniping FAQs

View the official FAQs for $SOL Shitcoin sniping with OriginMint here.

Where to find info on SOL Shitcoins/tokens

  1. (Twitter)

  2. DAOs, Discord groups & Telegram communities

How to use JITO when sniping

JITO is a service on the Solana Network that helps speed up your transactions by allowing you to tip a specific amount for submission. Not every transaction will be handled by a JITO validator, but it's recommended to use a JITO TIP above the 95th percentile for consistent results.

Checking Solana network status (congestion)

The Solana network can become congested, necessitating the use of higher fees and a greater JITO tip amount. To view the current network status, visit Solana Explorer. Additionally, some communities and groups offer monitoring tools for this purpose.

Checking shitcoin tokens trading volume

You can check the volume of Solana Shitcoins using the following links:

How to buy WSOL & use it for sniping

  1. Convert the desired amount of SOL to USDC.

  2. Visit

  3. Connect your wallet.

  4. Click the settings button above the swap window.

  5. Enable the "use WSOL" option. (click the cog icon & toggle ON) ⚙️

  6. Swap your USDC to WSOL.

  7. Distribute your WSOL across wallets & use for sniping!

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